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Hello everyone! 


Well it has been wonderful here at WordPress for Buckaroogirl, but with the new year coming in, and loads of new changes….it’s time for a facelift! 

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Riding the white charger home….

 One of my personal favorite films, and a favorite family movie-is Irving Berlin’s White Christmas.

Not only does the singing, dancing, and costumes send thrills to my very retro-loving soul, but Rosemary Clooney crooning her sultry rendition of “Love did me wrong” will forever make me crave a long black evening gown, elbow length gloves, and a lovesick look into the corner of the nightclub, where Bing Crosby obviously waits for me looking like he lost his favorite toy….


Ok, I’m done with the daydream now I promise.


ANYWAY…there is a part in this spectacular film, where Bing Crosby is talking to Rosemary Clooney about her knight in shining armor aboard a charging steed…There is a moment, where she smiles-and I think I can see a flicker of an idea in her head…or maybe it’s just my imagination. No matter which one it is-It makes me think of something.


Are you waiting for your knight in shining armor?

Are you waiting for something or someone to GO after what you want and love?  Quit waiting.

Go after it.

Chase that dream that everyone says is impossible.

Go for the shot that seems out of reach.

Go big or go home.

Don’t you DARE let anyone tell you no.

No is not a word you should listen to, neither is impossible or that horrible sounding “you can’t.”


Because you CAN.

Get your own white charger, saddle up, stick a spade in that pony’s mouth and a Visalia on his back (hopefully with extra long taps and a long rope) and take off for the hills.


If I had listened to every person in my life who told me I was nothing, that I couldn’t do what I dreamed, that I wasn’t worth anything, and that I would fail-I wouldn’t be where I am today. I have the most amazing blessed life a girl could ask for. I have the most incredible fans and listeners, miles under my stamped silver belt, and many more to travel.



I have words and the gift of music to share my thoughts and dreams with others that pour from my soul, and have seen the rewards of being able to convey them to cowboys, CEO’s, stay-at-home-mommy’s, ranchers, armed forces, school children…and any other “style” of person you can name.

Just to make sure you guys understand…this blog isn’t written today because someone recently tried to tell me no-or anything along those lines. I have the most supportive and positive people in my life, and they do nothing but encourage and stand behind me in all the dreams I go after.


I recently just got a letter from a fan on my blog saying how Liz and I’s blog Buckaroo Barbie, and my Buckaroogirl blog here on WordPress.com, is inspiring to them….I hope that this lil blog of mine can always be something special and bring hope or give some kind of inspiration to you, your letters and comments always make my day.


Please remember that you are important, beautiful, strong, tough, and can do anything you set your mind to. Don’t let anyone tell you no. Don’t try and open doors, go THROUGH those doors and leave the negative people and stuff behind you.


Get out there on your white charger, and go for it MAKE your dreams happen, and don’t ever let them tell you know.


Love to you all,










Truthful Tuesday…..

Truthful Tuesday 


  • My family’s history reads like a book. If you listen close enough within my music, I’ll let you turn the pages.


  • I feel naked without false eyelashes. Not make-up, just falsies.


  • I drink coffee without stopping through the day, and sometimes all night, derived from a complete lack of understanding that nighttime is for SLEEP.


  • I forget to do simple things all the time. Like buy shampoo instead of getting stuck in the paper and ink aisle.


  • I love leather pants, the west, drifting, paper and ink, smiles from the corner of a 2 year old pony’s mouth when they see you coming in the morning, and abounding joy written over someone I loves face.


  • I want every pair of cowboy boots on earth…no joke, and it’s a goal I’m trying to achieve without fail.


  • I love Christmas, all the colors of reds and family time. The joy that comes with being with people that you love, is addictive to me…and a time of year when I’m able to be stupidly excited about opening a big sock and no one will laugh at me. Most everyone at least.


  • I have a horrible habit of just walking off into the mountains and not coming back for long periods of time. If I’m missing, I’m probably wandering.


  • I have silk and leopard and flowers and sparkly things in my house and don’t care if that makes it “decorated” or not…it makes me smile!


  • I like to get paint and colors all over while painting….the more happy splashes of joy that fall on the paper – the better to me.


  • Old guitars, banjos, music, art, poetry, words and light are the main focus of my dreams these days….with an occasional gun-fight thrown in for good measure.


  • I love my fans and readers more than you will ever know…having you along for the ride of this crazy, music filled life is so wonderful & I want you to all know how much it means to me!




~Adrian <3



Photo Credit: Jane Merrill, San Juan Batista, CA  

Things that make me the happiest….


  • My grandmother’s hand-knitted washcloths. In the morning, & at night – when I reach for one-It always makes me smile.


  • The smell of a woodstove/fire while outside in the winter cold.


  • Baby pygmy goats. Don’t laugh. I love them. I can’t help it. If anyone has an adorable baby goat they would like to share custody of, please inform me as soon as possible.


  • The happy pile of dogs and barn cats that don’t stay where they are supposed to, creating a traffics jam outside the front door….what a happy mess!


  • The feeling of being the first one up in a house early in the morning. Hot coffee held between papery hands, and new notebooks cracked open with a smile.


  • The anticipation of the fact that I DON’T have to keep my Christmas Presents a secret for THAT much longer…I can do this. I can not tell what everyone is getting….Listen to more Holiday music to calm down. (If you couldn’t tell, I’m a Christmas freakJ)


  • Re-packing a suitcase that hasn’t been unpacked yet, to travel to a new place for new adventures.


  • Writing a book with my best friend and sister. You know you are best friends when you are able to function within business together, and love every second of it!


  • Seeing the look of happiness and a smile on someone’s face that you love.


  • New pens, paper and ink….these will create worlds you never even dreamed of.


  • Family. No matter what happens in this crazy life, no matter how mad they drive you sometimes around the holiday’s…family is really all we have. Don’t loose that, retain those relationships and cherish them, you may not always have the luxury of choosing.


  • Bravery. Sometimes, you have to do things you are terrified to do. And that is ok. Go out there into that big ol’ scary world, and be brave. It will stay with you the rest of your life.



Hugs and lots of love to my wonderful readers, I hope you are having a very Merry Christmas!


(Yes, I’m allowed to say that now…so until Dec 26th, you will probably hear it a lot from me!)


What are your list’s of things that make you the happiest?






*Illustration by Till Goodan, collection J. Davis

The Best Hot Chocolate Ever….A Buckaroo Barbie recipe!

Hello dear readers! 

Last night Lizzy and I made the most amazing hot chocolate in the whole world…

And although this original blog is from our “Buckaroo Barbie” blog, (See link below!)

I wanted to share it with all of you because it was so AMAZING! 

Enjoy & Merry Christmas!







Adrian and I were feeling very Christmas-y last night…but what’s new because Adrian starts secretly listening to Christmas music in June, so….ANYWAY….we decided to make the world’s best Hot Chocolate, ever. Please, please, please, try this hot chocolate this holiday season. You will never, ever want to go back to your boring hot chocolate in a package with the sad little dehydrated marshmallows floating miserably on top. Go make this. Listen to the hallelujah chorus and feel festive. Yum.

Adapted from Tasha Tudor’s cookbook.



These are the ingredients you’ll need: milk, unsweetened chocolate, sugar, water, dash of salt, vanilla and cinnamon to sprinkle on your whip cream cuz you’re cook like that.
You’ll need 3 cups of milk. Don’t be a pussy and use whole milk, and extra points if you use organic points and ding, ding, ding winner winner, chicken dinner if you use raw! 
Tasha Tudor’s recipe…aren’t her illustrations great? 
Unwrap 2 squares of unsweetened baking chocolate and melt in a double boiler. A double boiler is a fancy way of saying throw a glass bowl on top of a pan of boiling water to melt stuff in. Cool, huh? 
Melting yumminess….yum. Actually, it’s not yummy until you add sugar. Just in case you were wondering. But it WILL be yummy in a minute. 
You should always take time out of making hot chocolate to sing a spontaneous chorus of Jingle Bells. It makes you feel festive. Truly.
Guess what comes next?
Yup…while you’re waiting for your milk to scald and your chocolate to melt, make your homemade whip cream. To every cup of heavy whipping cream, add 1 tablespoon of sugar and 1 tablespoon of vanilla. Beat on high till it gets all clumpy and looks like whipped cream. Just don’t let it go until it becomes butter! 
You don’t have to add vanilla to your whip cream, but it makes it RICH and better. Just do it, OK? 
See, this is the real deal.
Our beautiful mums stopped by to check out what we were messing up in her kitchen. Isn’t she lovely? 
Anyway, your chocolate should be melted by this point and it should look all lovely and glossy.
Add your sugar and salt and mix.
Slowly add 1 cup of freshly boiled water. SLOWLY.
Put it back onto your double boiler and boil for 5 minutes.
Add chocolate mixture to your scalded milk…
Whisk your hot chocolate until it’s frothy.
And serve.
Add ridiculous amounts of whip cream, sprinkle with cinnamon and…
Yumminess. We promised yumminess, right? Right.
Cheers and enjoy! 
Buckaroo Barbie’s Adaption of Tasha Tudor’s Hot Chocolate
3 cups of milk
2 squares Baker’s unsweetened chocolate
1/4 cup sugar
dash of salt
1 cup boiling water
1 teaspoon vanilla extract 
1/2 pint heaving whipping cream
In a saucepan, scald the milk. Over hot water, melt the chocolate in the top of a double boiler. Stir in the sugar and salt, add the cup of boiling water very gradually, and stir until smooth. Then boil for 5 minutes. Add this mixture to the scalded milk and beat it with a whisk until foamy. Stir in the vanilla and serve in a pretty chocolate pot that you have warmed with boiling water. Whip the cream and spoon massive amounts onto each serving. Makes six 6-ounce servings. 
xo xo Liz and Adrian 
Photos via Adrian Brannan

“Buckaroo Barbie” featured as a guest blogger tonight!

“Buckaroo Barbie” featured as a guest blogger tonight!

Hey everyone!

Check out Lizzy and I’s guest blog over at Jessica Hedges Blog, The Buckaroo Barbie’s Guide to Surviving the Holidays.


We basically just put down what our mentality is about the holidays, and how to survive certain things that might seem pretty daunting!

Merry Christmas!


~Adrian & Liz

Sometimes….it’s ok.

Dear readers,


Ok, so I have to admit something to you all…..


Some days, I don’t smile every minute.


Sometimes, I cry like a real girl.


Sometimes, I just need a quiet moment and a hot cup of tea.


Sometimes, a kind word can go a long way.


Sometimes, people don’t know how words are the ultimate hurt to me.


Sometimes, My dog is all I want to snuggle.


Sometimes, It’s ok to not be tough.


Sometimes, you just have to decide that it is all in the Lord’s hands and you are His.


Sometimes, it’s ok to not be in control.


Sometimes, it’s ok to be silly and not care what people think.


Sometimes, it’s ok to be the most serious person in the world.


Sometimes, it’s ok to stand up and speak out for what you believe in.


Sometimes, it’s ok to take a chance.


Sometimes, it’s ok to sit this one out.


Sometimes, it’s ok to be human….and everyone has a day where they just need to breathe, and let go. Life will continue-although sometimes we don’t think it will-and everything will work itself out. Just to put it into perspective, will this matter in a year? Will this hurt in a year? Will you even remember what that fight was about in a year? Think, breathe, THEN act….and sometimes, all a situation needs is a little love and understanding. It’s amazing how a little bit can go a long way!


Love and hugs to you all, to everyone who is struggling with something, hurting, crying, or as happy as can be….someone is out there thinking about you, praying for you, and rooting for you to go out there and WIN!







Home again…at least for a moment!

Hello dear readers! 

Lizzy and I are home for a couple of days, which in my world, means that I squeal a lot while jumping around telling my mamma how excited I am to see her, try to get laundry clean…and sleep. Lots of sleep. Especially right now when I can’t seem to get well or get my voice back.  (Have I mentioned how frustrating it is to be a singer and not have a voice? It makes things quite problematic honestly!) 

Liz and I had the most wonderful time in The Dalles OR, where I headlined the Colombia Gorge Cowboy Gathering, held in a beautiful old theater downtown. It was my first time in that part of Oregon, and I really enjoyed getting to meet some new fans, and reconnect with some previous listeners. 


In a few days, I re-pack my still partially full suitcase, a few more guitars…and of course, a staple for me – Christmas Music…and head down south to Monterey CA for the wonderful cowboy poetry festival there, held every December. 

It’s always so much fun for me to attend this event, because that is really where my career all started for me….but thats another story for another time! ;) 

To check out a schedule of events for Monterey, check out these links: 





I hope to see you all there at the festival, and that you are all recovered from a wonderful Thanksgiving…who is ready for Christmas?! THIS GIRL! 

Love to you all, 




Some Ginger Rodgers in my step…..

I promised to upload pictures of my vintage dress and shoes tonight for Thanksgiving day, so here it is….

The dress is a two piece black chiffon with a hand-sewn white flower embroidered collar, with a nipped in waist and full circle skirt. The under-dress is a silk slip style, with embroidered hand-sewn flower collar and side seem connectors size small. Handmade in New York City.

The shoes are 1939 size 7 1/2 velvet peep-toe pumps, with a hand-made makers mark from New York City.

I curled my hair into pin-curls, dried and then finger combed it until it was soft. Then, pinned the small side with bobby pins back from my face…after, add a touch of vampy red lipstick and I’m ready to for the holiday! :)

I found this lovely little ensemble tucked away in an old local antique store, and the shoes under a pile of books in an old shoe box…..yippie for treasure hunting!!!!

Love to you all, I hope you have had an amazing day spend with family and friends….I’m off to prepare for a concert and listen to some Fred Astaire……








~Adrian <3



Hot water bottles and Will James……

This has been my day so far….sleeping, resting, drinking green tea…more sleeping…more resting…..I’m so restless being sick stuck in bed!

Escaping through a Will James book doesn’t work well, as I just get itchy to be horseback roping something as well, so I am sticking to giggling with visiting family, writing new music, and catching up on all my art and jewelry orders I’ve been behind on. (oops!)

As hard as it is for me to stay still, this means I will be 100% well for all my shows and concerts coming up…and I am so excited & feel so blessed to be able to do what I love as my job <3

How is everyone’s holiday so far? I hope you are ready and excited for some serious eating tomorrow, it reminds me of how much we have and how blessed we are to be a family and have enough to celebrate….Thank-you Lord for such a beautiful life! :)




ps. Does anyone have any awesome tips for getting better from a winter cold? I’d love to hear em’!

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